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This practice was rediscovered by German and French scholars in the 19th century . " Stichos " is the Greek word for a'line'of prose or poetry and the suffix'- metry' 

Metry accessories feature a cylindrical look that's thoroughly modern. Sharp angles add distinctive contrast to the tubular lines that dominate each piece in this  8 Mar 2021 The suffix in the medical term spirometry is -metry which means the process of Radii. an affix that is added at the end of the word. which suffix  suffix: [noun] an affix occurring at the end of a word, base, or phrase — compare prefix.

Metry suffix

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Meaning : fetus (胎兒) metry batymetri Det är en uppfattning som bildas av det grekiska ordet Bathys (som kan översättas som "Djup" ) och suffix Metry. Konceptet används inom området  Zoologi (zoo-logy): Zoologi är fältet biologi som fokuserar på studier av djur eller djurriket. Zoometri (zoo-metry): Zoometri är den vetenskapliga  The suffix '-ectomy' means surgical removal, while '-plasty' means surgical What does the medical suffix ion mean? metry. ändelse: process of measuring.

my/o. Heart muscle. Cardi.

English words ending with the suffix -metry. Top – A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Pages in category "English words suffixed with -metry " The following 200 pages are in this category, …

-ś suffix för obestämdhet. – Może do Koszalina?

Metry suffix

10 Jun 2017 Coined by Jesuit Father: Jean Leuréchon in the 1630s, his inspiration came from the Greek prefix, and French suffix: thermos meaning "hot" 

Suffix (Kata akhiran, •Craniometry Cranio/-metry. SUFFIXES. SIMTOMATIK - penia penurunan di bawah normal - sclerosis pengerasan, tdk elastis In the term oximetry, the suffix -metry means: asked Nov 11, 2016 in Health & Biomechanics by Erin19.

Example sentences with "-metry", translation memory add example en Evaluation scales, trial proton pump inhibitor therapy or pH- metry , for example, can be used to diagnose extraesophageal reflux disease. pH- metry can be performed using a classical two-channel pH- metry system; a new oropharyngeal pH measuring system has recently been introduced. -metry. suffix denoting. measuring or measurement. * * * [Gr.
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Metry suffix

B) distance. C) place. D) measurement.

Meaning of -metry. What does -metry mean? Information and translations of -metry in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
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Suffix (science) -metry (forming nouns relating to measures and measurement) Entries with "-metria" actinometria: actinometria (Portuguese) Origin & history From actino-‎ + -metria‎. Noun actinometria (fem.) (uncountable) actinometry (measurement of the heating power of

metric. metric character. metric ophthalmoscopy. -METER Meaning: "device or instrument for measuring;" commonly -ometer, occasionally -imeter; from French -mètre, from… See definitions of -meter.

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Hämta position 2. Knapp. Cytophotometry (cyto - foto - metry) - avser att använda en anordning som prefix och suffix hjälpa biologistudenter att "dissekera" okända ord och termer. metry. Lenoe stated that the change in mid-height area of *The suffix (0) indicates that the sample was initially con- solidated under a small  Detailed What Does The Suffix Lysis Mean In Medical Terminology Image collection.

Biologiprefix och suffix är användbara för att förstå biologiska termer. Cytofotometri (cyto - foto - metry) - hänvisar till att använda en anordning som kallas en  Gör dig redo. De sensoriska systemen använder mycket medicinsk terminologi, inklusive rotord, prefix och suffix, och med god anledning. Inflammation, -metry  Biologiska prefix och suffix hjälper oss att förstå biologiska termer. Zoometry (zoo-metry): Zoometry är den vetenskapliga studien av mätningar och storlekar på  Biologiska prefix och suffix hjälper oss att förstå vetenskapliga termer. telemetri (tele-metry) - överföring av enhetsläsningar och mätningar till en fjärrkälla  220) beskriver -u och -um i egyptisk arabiska som fakultativa varianter i 2 och 3 pers.